Vegetarian Ribollita Stew

Robin first introduced me to this delicious, thick winter soup, served with a thick slice of country bread. The actual prep time is short. I chopped the vegetables quickly, by hand. But the recipe calls for cooked white pinto beans, and if you start with dried beans, you’ll need to soak them overnight first. Or […]

Recipe: Cool Summer Chickpea Stew

Wednesday is recipe day at CookingManager.Com. Click for details on submitting a recipe. Today Mimi of Israeli Kitchen shares a recipe for Chickpeas Stewed in Tomato Sauce. Be sure to check out her beautiful blog, with a diverse collection of tasty recipes. Chickpeas In Summer Are Cool Is it too soon too call this weather “dog days?” […]

Save Money by Eating Less Meat and More Vegetable Protein

Animal proteins, including eggs, dairy products, meat, fish and poultry, are usually the most expensive part of our food budgets.

Sometimes people think that in order to eat less meat, they need to become vegetarian or make vegetarian meals more often. This is one approach. But you can still choose to include small amounts of meat or other animal protein in most meals. What counts is how much you eat over the course of an average day.