Friday Roundup #28: Purim and the Olympics

The Kosher Cooking Carnival is up at Adventures in Mamaland. PhD in Parenting wrote on the irony of fast-food companies sponsoring the Olympics. What do you think? Below are posts from Cooking Manager for February 14-27: In Why You Should Finish Everything on Your Plate, I explain why you should scrape plates to save food […]

Links on Obesity, Packaging Waste and Poverty With Friday Roundup #27

I’ve collected a few food-related links to share with you.

We tend to think that since food is biodegradable, we don’t have to worry about throwing it out. At Wasted Food, Jonathan explains why food waste is worse for the environment than disposable packaging: When Packaging Helps.

At one of my favorite cooking blogs, Cheap Healthy Good, explains Why Healthy Eating Doesn’t Have to be Expensive.

Vered at Blogger for Hire gets attacked when she wonders about a fat girl in an ice cream parlor: Fat Acceptance. Check out the discussion in the comments about the reasons for obesity. To read about my mother’s methods for raising slim children, see Individual Portions or Family Style and Putting Food in Perspective. Our society puts too much emphasis on dieting and not enough on preventing obesity in the first place.

Parenting Squad writes on whether Michele Obama’s comments about her daughter’s BMI were embarrassing to her daughter.

Friday Roundup #26

The week of January 17, 2010 at Cooking Manager.Com: Have you ever foraged for wild edibles? You can read about my experience at the Middle Eastern environmental blog Green Prophet: Five Wild Plants You Can Pick Yourself. I started off the week on this blog with a look at an Efficient Cooking Session Reader Fern […]

Friday Roundup #25 and Preview

Image by grand grrl via Flickr It’s been a busy week here at Cooking Manager. Here’s a run-down of posts. Thank you for reading and commenting, both here and on the Facebook page. Sunday: Coupon Coup or Frugal Folly? A video about coupon-clipping gone overboard. Monday: From Tuna Surprise to Persian Chicken: Interview with Ariela. […]

Friday Roundup #24

I started off the week at Cooking Manager with Three Reasons We Throw Away Food. On Monday, I continued our series of reader interviews thanks to Chana Rogow-Futch. On Wednesday I posted a recipe for Beet Soup with Ginger and Toasted Cumin. On ThursdayI responded to blogger Amy’s post about toddler serving sizes.

Friday Roundup #23: New Year Edition

My post, Ten Tips to Save Water, Money and Energy with Your Dishwasher was featured in the Festival of Frugality #210, Learning from the Frugal Masters of the Decade at Foreigner’s Finances. Who would have expected Bill Gates to be on that list?

Friday Roundup #22: Winter Holiday Edition

The eight-day holiday of Chanukah ended last Saturday. Kids have vacation from school, but my husband took my 8-year-old to visit my father-in-law for a week. For about two weeks my apartment felt like a revolving door, considering my guests and my kids’ schedules.

Friday Roundup #21: Compost and Frugality

If you’re interested in gardening, check out my guest post at Life on the Balcony called Composting on the Balcony: The Easy Way to Environmental Virtue, also featured in the Festival of Frugality at Negotiation Board. You might remember Fern as the author of a guest post  Grow a Kitchen Herb Garden to Save Money. […]

Friday Roundup #20 and Guest Posts

It’s been busy here at CookingManager.Com. I’m pleased about two guest posts published recently: In Be Thankful, Not Wasteful at the Wasted Food blog, I posted tips for making a holiday dinner without throwing away leftovers. And at Daily Blog Tips, I wrote Embedding Google Docs into Your Blog Posts. I learned about this from my Cooking Spreadsheet post.

Friday Update #19, News and Preview

Reader Ilana emailed me about avocados. She’s never used them before, and doesn’t know how to tell if they are ripe. I took pictures of ripe and unripe avocados and will explain the difference on Sunday. Next week I’ll also be posting a simple recipe for chocolate ice cream, and two guest posts of mine are scheduled to appear on other blogs.

Kate, I haven’t forgotten your request for easy breakfasts and have been experimenting with oatmeal.

On CookingManager.Com’s Facebook page, we’ve been making sourdough starter and talking about kitchen tools. Thanks to Mimi of Israeli Kitchen for providing an original photo, pictured above. Join today!

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