Whole-Wheat Pretzel Recipe

Summer vacation is here and I am always looking out for fun activities. Yosefa called yesterday and suggested we do a baking project with the kids: pretzels! This recipe calls for conventional yeast but when I have more time I will attempt to make it with sourdough. The kids enjoyed kneading the dough and molding […]

Chicken with Carrots, Sage and Black Lentils

I don’t usually cook chicken during the week but I was in a rush one day last week and had a fresh whole chicken on hand. This came out so good I had to share! The sage and the black lentils lifted the chicken onto a whole different plane. If you’ve never had black lentils, […]

Unstuffed Rutabaga or Turnip Casserole

Reader Ms. Krieger was experimenting with rutabaga, and developed this recipe for Passover. She thought it would work equally well with turnips, and suggested I add it to my links for turnip recipes. Recipe: Unstuffed Rutabaga or Turnip Casserole Ingredients 3 large turnips (or 2 large rutabagas) 1 lb. (1/2 kg.) ground beef 1 cup […]

Cabbage-Carrot Casserole with Cheese Sauce

When I see butter and hard cheese in a recipe, I usually skip it. But the recipe asks only for small quantities, and blogger Jenny described how her kids fought over the last piece. My pickier eaters did not appreciate it, but the rest of us loved it. Next time I’m invited to a pot-luck […]

Apple-Oat Muffins

I recently met a young woman named Allyson, who just moved to my neighborhood with her husband and 11-month-old son. When she started making healthy apple muffins for her son, her husband found they made a good breakfast to eat on the way to work. They contain no added sugar. I added some variations at […]

Recipe: Debbie’s Shepherd’s Pie

My friend and neighbor Debbie Gold Hadar recently shared this delicious Shepherd’s Pie recipe. It calls for fresh ground meat or poultry, but you can substitute cooked meat or beans as well. Just add them after cooking the other vegetables.  Don’t be put off by the lengthy instructions, as this is not a complicated recipe. […]

Cookbook Giveaway and Beets with Ginger and Garlic

Welcome to the first ever Jewish Holiday Blog Party, hosted by Jessie of Taste and Miriam of Overtime Cook, and sponsored by Kitchen Aid! As you may know, Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year is coming up, and Jewish bloggers from all over the world are celebrating with all kinds of twists on traditional Rosh Hashanah foods. To kick off the […]

Sourdough Pizza Recipe

When my niece visited recently, she asked me for the recipe for sourdough pizza. If you have never baked with sourdough, this is a good recipe to start with. Keeping a jar of sourdough starter on hand is an easy way to bring your cooking and baking to the next level. You make it from […]

Spicy Green Schug with Chili Peppers and Coriander

When my 20-year-old son noticed the basket of hot green chili peppers, he asked whether I would consider making some schug. Schug is a Yemenite condiment, known for being extremely fiery. After taking a quick look at some internet recipes, I realized I needed some fresh coriander, otherwise known as cilantro. I had an errand […]

Healthy Cooking on the Road

Have you ever had to cook when traveling? Maybe you were on a special diet, or simply wanted to save money by avoiding tourist traps. When I recently attended a conference in Europe, I couldn’t eat much of the food because I keep kosher. Luckily I traveled with my friend Devorah, who has experience cooking […]